What is Lisbon.com?

Lisbon.com is our ode to the city. It’s a space that intersects people with places, so they can create their own stories in the city of water and light. Above all, Lisbon.com is an attempt at catching that subtle “Lisbon feeling”.

The brightness of the Tejo on a lazy Saturday stroll. It is the silence before Fado. The quiet bloom of the Jacarandas. Reading a book in Chiado. The sunset view from Adamastor. Dancing your thoughts away in Cais do Sodre. The serene beauty of Parque Eduardo VII. The tranquillity of Jardim das Amoreiras. The sunrise reflected on the Arco de Rua Augusta.

We share the stories of the people who have a connection with Lisbon. People who might come from different places, but somehow feel that, while the world is their country, Lisbon is their city. With love.